Social Media

Everything has changed in the world of social media. Organic reach is diminishing and it’s tougher than ever to get results that drive sales.

It’s more important than ever that you work with an expert to build a proper strategy. One that works for the unique aspects of your business. Not everyone needs to be on TikTok — but every business needs a solid plan for social.



Your social media branding must be recognizable to convince people to stop scrolling.


Content for your social media must be engaging or your message never gets seen.


Social media converts when your audience finds the message and design compelling enough for a tap on your CTA.

Call To Action

Likes and follows are not dollars in your bank account — ensure your strategy brings in money.

Pricing Plans

All monthly plans require a three-month commitment to start. Long-term clients starting with a six-month commitment receive a 5% discount!

Custom plans are available with free consultation.

✶ Long-term clients in good standing will receive a discount of 5% on monthly fees with a six-month service agreement. Short-term clients in good standing will automatically receive a 5% discount after six consecutive months. Prices are locked in for 12 consecutive months.

Answers to Your Questions

I have my own Facebook account — why do I need a strategy?

Getting likes on a family photo is not the same as converting a sale. This is business! You want to attract the right audience and convert customers. By partnering with an expert, we can create a strategy that is unique to your small business. 

Can’t I just have an intern or admin do our social media?

You sure can! And many people choose a budget-friendly option with in-house admins.

But consider how effective can someone be with a task they aren’t an expert on and one that isn’t their main responsibility or focus. It’s not a “cheap option” when you lose potential customers! 🥴 

Do you guarantee followers or likes?

No — and I’d caution you against anyone who makes promises like that!

Your Small Biz CMO is a long-term partner who’ll be honest with you about performance, strategy, and the future of your marketing.

What do I get with a plan?

First, you’ll get a partner who cares about your business and cares about meeting the goals we set for social media.

All images and video content provided will be custom — not an over-used template your competitors can use.

Results analysis meetings are approximately one hour and allow you to ask for clarification and give direction for changes. Emailed reports are customized with insights and suggestions.

Want more details? Set up a free consultation!

Can I just buy design templates?

Yes! I also offer custom, reusable packs of templates for social media that start at $495. This is an even more affordable option for clients who’d like to manage their own social, but may not have the experience with design. Let’s get your custom templates started with a free consultation.

Let's Work Together!

You need a marketing expert to partner with who will help you level up your small business. I’m looking for a few new clients who are open to partnering with someone who cares about their success.

Let’s chat about the future! 


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