Podcast Appearances

By joining some amazing people on their podcast, I have had a chance to share my perspectives on marketing, building a personal brand, and some wisdom I’ve learned along the way.

Add these to your playlist and enjoy!


Making the Brand Podcast

The Marketing Wizardry of Harry Potter

In this episode, #PopChat Princess Brianne Fleming and I dive into the wizarding world of Harry Potter’s marketing. Being a total Potterhead, I jumped at the chance to share how I think the franchise used marketing to ‘Alohamora’ success.

From the books to the movies, merch, and experiences, there’s so much we can learn from HP.

Modern Multifamily Podcast

Getting Started with Personal Branding & Social Media

In this episode, Mike Wolber and I chat about the role that personal branding has had on my career, tips and tricks for how anyone can get started on social even if you aren’t ready to be posting, and the silver lining of the pandemic.


Marketing Chat Podcast

Momentum, Positive Intent, and More

In this episode, Kevin Berry and I talk a lot about my favorite pieces of wisdom I have gathered over the years as a marketing professional. One of them was this bit of wisdom: “The path of least resistance builds the most momentum.” Kevin’s initial reaction to that statement was negative, feeling like it was saying go for the easy path, not the challenging one. I explained how that isn’t the case and why it is an important mindset.

Your Small Biz CMO

Meet your new marketing partner and part-time CMO.

Jake Zachariah

Jake Zachariah

Your Small Biz CMO

Howdy, I’m Jake. 🤠

One thing you need to know about me is that I love to help put a spotlight on others. Helping others be seen in the proper way to boost their business, their career, or their accomplishments — shoot, that’s the best!

For a few years now, I’ve turned that focus into helping some friends get their small business more customers, better exposure online, and set up with systems to maintain positive momentum.

Now I’m ready to help you! 🤩 


Let's Chat on Podcast!

There are some amazing podcasts out there hosted by some truly intelligent and charismatic people. If you’re looking for a new guest, I’d love to check out your podcast and set up a conversation.

Let’s chat about marketing! 


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