Hire a Marketing Expert To Boost Your Business

Take your business to the next level with a proper marketing strategy.

Boost your revenue with a plan that saves you time to get back to what you love most.

Now you can invest in something that gets you back to working on your dream.

It’s time you found Your Small Biz CMO.

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Small Biz Heart

Your business is serious stuff. It’s way too important to trust a partner who only cares about getting the invoice paid quickly.

You want someone who makes decisions with a long-term vision. Someone who understands the impact of each decision and each dollar spent.

You need someone with the heart and soul of a small business owner.

Big Biz Brain

Hiring a partner to help your business can be scary. You don’t want to make a mistake and lose money or time.

You want someone who can bring you the strategy and skillset of a true marketing professional.

You need someone with the mindset and experience that can get big business results.

Hire The Best of Both Worlds

With Your Small Biz CMO, you don’t need to choose this or that. You can have both!

Consider the experience of a marketing expert who has worked with every size of business — from multi-billion dollar organizations all the way down to local non-profit teams.

Benefit from the skills and talent that companies would pay six figures for, but with the passion and heart to understand the importance of small and medium-sized businesses.

Feel Like You Have a Partner Who Cares

Build a Business Strategy on More Than Hoping You Go Viral

See Real ROI With Revenue Growth From Every Tactic

Grow Your Business With Reputation & Return Customers

Ready to Chat Now?

Every day that goes by without a marketing strategy customized to your business is another day of missing customers, slower sales, and disorganized branding.

We can fix that together!

How Can I Help You?

Marketing Services by Your Small Biz CMO

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a party. Most people come to have fun and catch up with friends. A few know how to leverage the party to make real connections.

It’s important to have an expert to help you navigate this party. Whether you want to build a community or find new customers, let’s build a strategy that grows your business.

Reputation Management

Your small business can sink or swim based on ratings online. Without a solid strategy, you can find yourself lost at sea without anyone to save you.

Partner with an expert to build a reputation strategy. Convert your happy customers into evangelists to attract new customers!

Content + Email Marketing

Email and website content should still be a key part of your business! With email and strategic content, you can be in front of your customer without distractions.

To drive sales, you’ll need an expert partner who can strategize and build your email automation and creative content.

Websites + Branding

Proper websites and consistent branding are still essential in today’s market. It’s one of the few marketing tools that you can fully own.

There are quick and simple options to put up a site, but don’t be fooled: none of them come with strategy or care about your business. You need an expert partner to help you design a functional and beautifully branded website.

Sales Funnels & Automations

How are you bringing your customers to the right content for their stage in the journey?

How are you connecting their information from one system to another for automation?

Without answers to these questions, you’re missing a huge opportunity to convert more, faster, and automatically.

Let's Get Started!

Your business is unique and needs a custom marketing strategy today. Whether you need help with your website, sales funnels, email marketing, or social media, it’s time to partner with Your Small Biz CMO!

Local Marketing

Physical business locations with physical customers walking into a store need to add another level to marketing.

Whether you’re running promotions through events, sending out coupons, or needing to refresh your store signage, it’s best to consult with an experienced marketing partner.

Answers to Your Questions

Why does my small business need a marketing expert?

Bakers bake better than anyone else. Painters paint better than bakers. Salespeople sell better than painters. You need a marketing expert to leverage their experience and knowledge.

Are you a Marketing Agency?

No, I’m Your Small Biz CMO, a part time partner to your small business. Agencies have many people involved, requiring multiple clients to keep the lights on. I’m a team of one — focused and dedicated to helping you succeed. 

How much does it all cost?

It depends. I know that answer sucks, but ultimately your business is unique with unique goals and unique systems. The services info pages have some estimates to get you started, but a consultation will give you a full picture of cost.

Why does my small business need a CMO?

Long-term strategy. Large companies higher a CMO to help set up systems, strategy, and build a team. Your small business needs a long-term strategy and proper systems you can manage, even if you don’t have the budget for a full marketing team.

You benefit because a part-time CMO cares. Freelancers can lose interest once the invoice is paid. A CMO acts like a partner to you and your small business — helping you get results now with a long-term strategy to sustain growth.

Do I need someone local to me?

Not at all! Email. Zoom. Whatsapp. The internet communications boom has revolutionized the way you can collaborate with people outside your region. I also work with freelancers local to you when we need a physical presence.

Inclusive. Caring. Loving.

This marketing firm is run by a human who cares for other humans.

I care. I care about you. I care about your impact. I care about helping your business run better so you can support your community, your family, and the world.

But I will not help hate win. I do not tolerate exclusion or profits over people. I will not collaborate with any business or person who seeks to harm others.

If you’re not okay with inclusive marketing that focuses on representation and caring for customers, we are probably not a good fit.

I actively support businesses that are:

  • LGBTQIA+ owned
  • Black & Brown owned
  • Women-led & owned
  • Indigenous owned
  • AAPI owned
  • Immigrant owned
  • Disability owned
  • and more!


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