Content & Email Marketing

In a world eager to take your money for advertising, you’ll need to capitalize on every channel you can. Email marketing & organic content is a key part of a quality strategy to put more money in your bank account.

When you work with an expert to build a proper strategy, you’ll see more sales conversions with less effort.


Email + Content = Conversion Through Communication

Take your audience from inbox to checkout.

Despite a common misperception, email is still a highly effective sales channel. The key to an effective strategy is to pair high quality content and copy (the words in the email) with accurate tracking and automations.


Email marketing needs to be short and sweet to keep its place in your audience’s inbox.

Relevant & Timely

Seeing your email at the right time on a topic interesting to your audience — chef’s kiss!

Call To Action

Customers convert more often when asked to buy. We’ll put the best CTAs in your content for conversion.

Landing Pages

Tracking email has changed, so custom landing pages are crucial to converting your audience.

Pricing Plans

All monthly plans require a three-month commitment to start. Long-term clients with a six-month commitment receive a 5% discount!

Custom plans are available with free consultation.

✶ Long-term clients in good standing will receive a discount of 5% on monthly fees with a six-month service agreement. Short-term clients in good standing will automatically receive a 5% discount after six consecutive months. Prices are locked in for 12 consecutive months.

Answers to Your Questions

Which email and website systems do you work with?

Any system you’re using now is perfect. I can consult with you on alternatives if you’re open to considering changes. My main focus is to enable your business, not disrupt your processes.

Do you guarantee followers or likes?

No — and I’d caution you against anyone who makes these promises.

Your Small Biz CMO is a long-term partner who’ll be honest with you about performance, strategy, and the future of your marketing.

What do I get with a plan?

First, you’ll get a partner who cares about your business and cares about meeting the goals we set for social media.

All images and video content provided will be custom — not an over-used template your competitors can use.

Results analysis meetings are one hour and allow you to ask for clarification and give direction for changes. Emailed reports are customized with insights and suggestions.

Want more details? Set up a free consultation!

Can I just buy single assets?

Yes! I also offer custom emails, landing pages, or content assets that start at $195. This is an even more affordable option for clients who’d like start with less commitment. Let’s get your custom assets started with a free consultation.

Let's Work Together!

You need a marketing expert to partner with who will help you level up your small business. I’m looking for a few new clients who are open to partnering with someone who cares about their success.

Let’s chat about the future! 


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