Introducing: A Quick & Easy Way to Take Your Marketing Beyond Facebook

Convert ‘likes’ into dollars with an upgrade to your small business marketing strategy. No more hoping or praying for your marketing to work. Let’s work together to grab your audience’s attention and turn it into revenue for your business.

Why is Marketing So Tough for Small Business?

You work hard to run your business. Your products and services are in demand and the market has great opportunity. You’re following your instincts and all the advice on the internet.

So, why are you hitting a wall? Why isn’t your revenue growing?

The truth is that marketing and sales are especially tough for small business owners. The competition is already working with experts to steal considerable market share. The algorithms are working against you until you pay-to-play. All the advice pushes you to chase trends — instead, you should be building a proper marketing foundation.

“Build it, and they will come” only works in the movies.

Social media is a “build it, nurture it, engage them and they may come and stay.”

Seth Godin

Author + Marketing Expert

What’s Missing From Your Marketing?

All the free advice on the internet would have you believe that you can market your small business easily. “It’s simple! Just post on Facebook every day and you’ll easily make six figures in your first year.”

So why isn’t it working?

Because Facebook isn’t a marketing strategy. Not by itself, it isn’t. Facebook is only one tactic in a world of options available to you. Honestly, Facebook isn’t even that great of a tactic—and it’s actually a terrible option if it’s your only tactic.

So what works? A strategy built for your unique business is what works!


Marketing That Grows Your Business

You need to go beyond Facebook. You need to build a foundation under Facebook. Your business must operate even if Facebook shuts down, changes its algorithm, or triples its ad fees.

This is where you hire an expert to join your mission. Together, we build a foundation for your marketing strategy that builds the business. A strong strategy that combines low-cost social media with a high-value website. We’ll create a powerful messaging framework that will support you for years to come.

4 Simple Elements of a Powerful Marketing Strategy

Brand Messaging

Proper messaging helps your customer see value instantly.

Visual Identity

Consistent and appealing visual branding builds trust.

Proper Website

Websites with the right information in the right places build credibility.

Email Marketing

Email + sales funnels nurture customers with information about your value proposition.

What Exactly Are You Missing?

  • Custom website built to convert.
  • Messaging framework to bring cohesion to all your customer-facing marketing.
  • Email marketing plan to nuture customers.
  • Landing pages intended to sell-sell-sell.
  • A social media presence that attracts and informs.

If you’re running your small business without any of these, we need to talk!

Ready to talk marketing?

Let’s bring your Facebook Page into a complete strategy that makes you money.


Marketing Makes a Difference

Likes on Facebook are not dollars in your bank account. The reality about social media is that it’s a great place to build a community, but not a great place to make money.

You’re at the mercy of an algorithm you don’t control. You’re also competing for attention in a crowded space. You’ll need to spend money to gain an edge, but that disappears if there’s no conversion strategy.

A proper marketing strategy is what makes a difference. It’s what gives you a return on your investment. Marketing built for your business takes a sliver of attention and turns it into revenue!

How Much Does Bad Marketing Cost?

The big question is always, “What does it cost?” Instead, you should ask yourself, “How much is it costing me to *not* have better marketing?

How much more can you make if your customers instantly understand your value? How much are you leaving on the table with half measures?

We can work out solutions that fit your budget. That’s the easy part. The harder part will be finding out how much you’ve given up before finding what works for your business.

Ready to increase your revenue?

Let’s talk about the future of your marketing. A future you can plan for and expect results from.


Marketing Services

Marketing today is more than a daily Instagram post. It takes an expert in many parts of marketing to ensure your small business thrives while you focus on the business!

What can I help with?


Social Media Management & Strategy

Social media isn’t something you should leave to your college-aged nephew anymore. Build a strategy that works.

Reputation Management & Strategy

Your small business can sink or swim based on ratings online. It’s time you had a strategy to stay afloat!

Sales Funnel & Automations

With proper automations and strategy, you can acquire customers and convert sales while you sleep!

Content & Email Marketing

Your online content teaches your customers about your small business. Email is how you communicate with them. Let’s get it right!

Websites & Branding

Websites are essential in today’s market. Ensure your branding carries through all your marketing efforts properly.

Local Marketing

Physical locations need a physical marketing strategy for the local market.

Let's Work Together!

You need a marketing expert to partner with who will help you level up your small business. I’m looking for a few new clients who are open to partnering with someone who cares about their success.

Let’s chat about the future!